Chapter Eleven, Beyond All Reason by E.M. Hernandez

In Chapter eleven I present two characters in a moment of frustration, who could not be more different from one another. They have different backgrounds, different ranks, different personalities, different quirks, different needs. But I, as an author don't have to TELL you much of that, if I let them tell you in their own way.

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Chapter Nine, Second Class Citizens by E.M. Hernandez

In this chapter we learn some harsh truths about the world of Duryan. Humans are the uniting force. Their kings and queens brought peace and nationhood, which bridge the gaps between the clans. But under the skin of their political dominance they have inadvertently reinforced a division of species that too closely resembles master and servant. With the monarchy crumbling, these divisions are taking on a new and terrible aspect.

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Chapter Four, Doomed to Be Protected by E.M. Hernandez

Our baby boy still hasn't made his grand appearance, but his crib is assembled, his diapers are waiting and our friends and family have blessed us with a plethora of wonderful presents; most of them essential, some of them just fun and adorable. It's a guarantee that the newest little Hernandez will be here before the next chapter is scheduled for release, so I might miss the next one, but I'll be back with at least one more chapter before Halloween.

In this week's chapter we are finally introduced to the young queen at the center of so many hopes in our story. Young, but brave and kindhearted, she commands the love and devotion of her guards, the Artoren. Will she and her new commanding general, Mave Antwern, have the will to trust in themselves and their fellow soldiers in the face of overwhelming odds?

Chapter Three, Running Out of Leaders by E.M. Hernandez

My wife and I finally finished moving to Tennessee from New York City. At long last I have a computer sitting on a desk instead of a floor and any minute now we're expecting our baby boy to make his first appearance in this big beautiful world. More updates on his progress and on the eventual writing of Breaking the Skies part 2 will find its way to this blog in the coming months. Along with more of the audio book, of course.


As for this week's chapter of Breaking the Skies:

The commander of the Queen's guard has succumbed to his wounds. His young lieutenants must take up his mantle, but will they have the strength to bear it?