Chapter Eight: Thank Heaven, there's the sky. / by E.M. Hernandez

When I set out to write Breaking the Skies I did not know there would be two sides to the story: the side of the Royalists and the side of the Revolutionaries. I knew I wanted the Royalists to be the first characters we empathized with. You could call them "The Good Guys", if you wish. But I quickly realized that I wanted the morality of the conflict to be more difficult to define, because that's how I find the real world to be these days. 

So, my brain concocted Potts, the revolutionary soldier. The Toxie. He is one of my favorites in this world,even though he was more or less an accidental character to begin with. Potts embodies the volunteer soldier who fights for his country. His faith is simple, his patriotism pure. He is simultaneously ignorant and compassionate. He assumes the best in everyone, even his enemies. And the world of Duryan could not breathe without his influence because it would simply be another story of "Us vs. Them."

And Potts led me to find more "good guys" on the "bad side". You'll meet a few more of them in this chapter, as well as a few bad guys who think they're good guys.

Breaking the Skies is more than a novel, it is part of my expression of how I see the world. I am still stunned by the recent election results. But I try not to believe in the purity of sides. I try not to accept simple answers, or to believe the worst; certainly not when it comes to the motives of those who are struggling in the trenches of life.