Chapter Nine, Second Class Citizens / by E.M. Hernandez

In this chapter we learn some harsh truths about the world of Duryan. Humans are the uniting force. Their kings and queens brought peace and nationhood, which bridge the gaps between the clans. But under the skin of their political dominance they have inadvertently reinforced a division of species that too closely resembles master and servant. With the monarchy crumbling, these divisions are taking on a new and terrible aspect.

I never intended Breaking the Skies as a conscious political commentary, but more and more tie ins to real world affairs are haunting its pages. Corrupt populist politicians... Revolutions overthrowing the stabilizing forces of longstanding governments... Fear of and within minority communities...

I consider myself a conservative. I also think of myself as a skeptical idealist. But in writing Breaking the Skies I often find that piece of myself which is defined by a bleeding heart and those parts of what many consider liberalism that I find most noble. I go to writing to cry and to mourn; to feel pity and shame; to wish for a better world when I feel incapable of voting in, or fighting for a perfect one.

Such wishing and feeling is, in some ways, just an accident. A by-product of my imagination. Or is it rather that my imagination is a byproduct of the wishing? I don't know. But I hope that the two, in combination will serve my God, my heart and my readers well.

Also... Click and Rhyn are pretty bad-asses, and this chapter won't let you forget it.