Chapter Seventeen, I Have A Plan / by E.M. Hernandez

At last we come to it. The oldest chapter in the book. The words that started it all. 

I was on summer break from college, standing in my bathroom, talking to myself in the mirror. "We swore no such oath!" I said, melodramatically. 

I knew I was being melodramatic. What else is making up dialogue in the bathroom mirror for? It's for the over-the-top. The beyond-belief. It's for being the hero of your own story, without fear, or blemish*.

But I also knew I had something; a story about honor and loss. A story about soldiers who have lost everything except their honor. They were the opposite of Ronin, devoted not only to their king, but to their country and their fellows.

I probably care too much for my own ideas of honor and chivalry. They get in the way of simplicity and even of gentleness. To be honorable is to be stubborn. It can appear as self-sacrificing, but often as camouflage for a willingness to sacrifice everything else.

Hopefully, Sentrus' honor will always be tied to the well being of those he protects, and so will mine.


It has been a busy season for me and my little family. Earlier this month I missed releasing an episode of the podcast because things were so nuts. I'm looking forward to a slightly less hectic May. Then I should be able to complete the edits for the new paperback.

The sequel to Breaking The Skies is coming along as well. More on that later.




*Men always see their best selves in the mirror. Women see their worst. They needed the invention of cameras and selfies to experience what men have always gotten with glass and silver and pools of water.