Chapter Four, Doomed to Be Protected / by E.M. Hernandez

Our baby boy still hasn't made his grand appearance, but his crib is assembled, his diapers are waiting and our friends and family have blessed us with a plethora of wonderful presents; most of them essential, some of them just fun and adorable. It's a guarantee that the newest little Hernandez will be here before the next chapter is scheduled for release, so I might miss the next one, but I'll be back with at least one more chapter before Halloween.

In this week's chapter we are finally introduced to the young queen at the center of so many hopes in our story. Young, but brave and kindhearted, she commands the love and devotion of her guards, the Artoren. Will she and her new commanding general, Mave Antwern, have the will to trust in themselves and their fellow soldiers in the face of overwhelming odds?