Book One in "The Sentrus Companions"

This short book is the first follow up to Breaking The Skies and the beginning of a new chapter in the Duryan saga.

The revolution is over, but the brewing smell of war fills the air. The new Republic must fight covert battles using citizen soldiers if they're to gain an edge over their foes.

Fortunately, they have a powerful weapon: the Peregrine Falcons who drop from the sky at the speed of a bullet, with razor sharp talons and cunning to match.

Can Joseph Lightfoot, amateur spy, get the information they need and get out alive? Can he even tell friend from foe?

This novelette will be the first in a new series that enhances the central novels. At $0.99, "The Peregrine Falls" is an excellent introduction to the world of Durian and is short enough to be read in one lazy afternoon. 

Illustration by Conor Hennelly

Illustration by Conor Hennelly