An Adventure for Heroes of all Ages

This novel seeks to give kids, young adults and all lovers of fantasy a chance to enjoy a story that rises above the darkness and the anti-heroes so common in fiction today. Dive in and become part of a story about loyalty, courage, love and friendship.



A Queen with a fearful choice

Her family slain, her life in danger, her kingdom in need of hope. How will she battle the forces of evil and still keep her soul?

A Boy and His Father

Together they seek a home in the wastes and wilds beyond civilization.


Illustration by Conor Hennelly

Illustration by Conor Hennelly

Two Soldiers in Search of Purpose

Man and Fox, fighting together. With their country in the throes of revolution, where do their loyalties lie?


Monsters and Machines

Villains and Heroes

Animals who stand up for their rights and Humans who seek redemption

Experience this joyous and epic journey about wayfaring victims of chaos becoming a family of heroes who never give up.